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A Moodle Partner warranty so your platform will deliver only good news

  • Security and backup

    Secure your data with encrypted connections and automatic backups

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  • High availability

    Guarantee that your Moodle will always be online, more than 99,9% of the time

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  • Data display

    Visual analysis of your users' educational process

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  • User experience

    Impact the students with a usability and UX centered design

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E-learning contents that increases the success of your educational strategy by 500%

  • Gamification techniques

    Challenge the users and power up their competitive spirit

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  • Learning analytics

    Collect, analyze and visualize the data obtained from the educational process

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  • Striking design

    Impact your users with a high level of animation and interactivity

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  • Raise the motivation

    Engage your users and improve their results

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More than 2.500 hours of e-learning and 100.000 students for customers around the world

  • "With Inserver we were able to virtualize the substations maintenanace processes, facilitating and optimizing the experts' field work. We have successfully converted it into an essential tool in their daily work."

    Sergio Quintín, Jefe Departamento Mantenimiento Subestaciones at REE
  • "With Moodle Pro and the e-learning contents developed by Inserver we can measure in detail and in real time our sales forces level of knowledge. The new analytics offers valuable information to optimize the educational processes."

    Daniel Vaqueriza, Business Training Specialist at Roche Farma
  • "Inserver helped us to raise our LMS to the next level, developing a Moodle platform with the functionality we need, that is easy to manage, powerful, versatile and a custom design."

    Francisco Toribio, Digital Manager at Springer Healthcare